A Simple Plan For Success

A Simple Plan For Success


It’s the end of the month so let’s take a quick look at next month and create a simple plan to insure it will be a great one for you.  


What one thing do you want to accomplish in August?  For this exercise let’s focus on a business goal.  Okay, simply write down one thing that when you get it done you will feel incredibly good about yourself and the results of your effort.


My Goal For August Is …. 


For example; My goal for August is to take 8 saleable listings.  Tip: Be sure to write it down – it’s not good enough to simply think about it, you have to write it down.


Got it?  Say yes.  Okay, now write down the three things that you must do to make it happen.


These Are The Three Things I Need To Do To ….   (August Goal Here)






Here is another tip:  Be specific and don’t make it too complicated. 


For example; I need to talk to 30 new people every day is better than I need to prospect more.  I need to set 2 appointments per day is better than I need more appointments.  I need to know my expired and past client scripts cold is better than I to learn some scripts. 


See what I’m getting at here?  I knew you did.  Now write down the three things you need to do.


Here’s one more tip: Again be sure to write these down with your goal and then post them where you can see them every day.


Okay, now let’s see what you have:  You have a specific goal written out.  You have a specific time frame (August) to achieve your goal.  And you have a specific set of instructions in place that will allow you to achieve your goal.  And they are posted where you can see them every day.


Looks Like You Have A Plan.  GO TO WORK!

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John Moran is the Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty’s award winning At The Beach Team and a Resort Property Listing Specialist servicing the Destin / South Walton County communities. Call or text John today at 850-217-7618 for more information about real estate at the Beach or email JohnMoran@AtTheBeachTeam.com

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